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Let's talk about a little something called branding. 
Branding is so important for a business. It's what defines your unique style and what sets you apart from the rest. It's what your clients are hiring YOU for! You have a special look and feel about your photos that are appealing and interesting. And this isn't something that just happens overnight... it takes time to actually figure it out. I am still trying to figure it out! 

With every brand comes a particular 'look.' A look is not just a certain color scheme or logo... it's something that when other people see it, they will automatically associate it with your business. That is why it is extremely important for your look to represent your brand well. I am definitely not an expert on any of this, but I do find it to be a rather interesting topic.

Now, figuring out my look is something I have been working on a lot lately. I've experimented with different logos, colors and patterns, etc. And while toiling with these different concepts, I always knew I wanted something fresh, fun and classy. I didn't want anything too cutesy or trendy, nor masculine or feminine.... I didn't want anything that myself or others would tire of easily. I've finally come up with what I feel, is a good representation of what myself and Laura Gordon Photography is all about- without actually seeing my photographs. I've come up with a color scheme of black and white damask with green. Now, you might wonder why or how I came to the conclusion that this was exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to portray my business (other than just liking the way it looked) and I will tell you...

I've always loved black and white together. Majority of my clothes are black or white (my favorite store being White House Black Market) I also feel together they are very striking and classy... see where I'm going here? Damask is a very timeless pattern... it is elegant, beautiful and also very classy. So together, I feel black, white and damask have a very classic and timeless appeal.

On the other side of things, I feel like some of my personality should shine. (Not that I'm not classy or timeless... I just think some would describe me a tad differently. Such as- young, fun or vibrant ...or at least I would like to think they would.) The color green to me, is fresh! It's bold! It's FUN! :) Now, I know I said I wear a lot of black and white- but I do like to dress it up with colorful accessories! I am all about color.... I love it paired with classic combinations though. Being that I am young, green also symbolizing growth... think trees, flowers and things like that. I have a lot to learn, and I know that! And I am excited and eager to learn all the time (especially when it comes to photography.) Green also reminds me of things that are fresh... like apples and pears. Laura Gordon Photography is pretty new or 'fresh' so I think green fits pretty well. 

I've updated my website as well- be sure to check it out at www.lauragordonphotography.com 

So there you have it... Laura Gordon Photography's new look! Enjoy :)

Check this out!! LGP Home

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  1. I love, love, love it!!! I am so impressed. It's like we were just talking about it on Wednesday and BAMMM...there it is!! <3 you


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